Meta Track

Form design, data collection, reporting, and analysis

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MetaTrack™ makes the collection, reporting, and analysis of case data as quick and easy as possible, reducing the amount of time you spend on paperwork.

MetaTrack allows you to:

MetaTrack fully integrates with MetaCase™, allowing your team to publish forms and collected data to your case folders alongside your interviews, images, and other case information.

Reports and charts that used to take weeks can be generated in seconds.

Track case information from start to finish... including investigation, services, and outcomes

Enter investigative notes that are automatically time stamped and added to your folder

Reports that used to take manual compilation and weeks of effort now take seconds

Store documents from other sources in your case folder; keeping the entire file paperless

Intuitive and easy to use, regardless of skill level

Most customization is included in your service at no additional cost

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