Meta Interview

Interview recording and management

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Video-recorded interviews have become a critical part of the investigative process. A properly recorded interview persuades juries, protects interviewers, shields victims, and provides thorough documentation of offender competency evaluations.

MetaInterview™ is the evolution of VideOversight™, our market-leading interview recording system that was first introduced in 2006.

Combined with MetaCase™, MetaInterview™ provides innovative, next-generation interview recording and management for the entire investigative team.

MetaInterview™ was built by subject matter experts with years of experience designing, installing, and supporting interview recording systems. We listened closely to the changes that our customers asked for and built a truly comprehensive and scalable system. Our customers range from small CACs with one interview room to large, multi-site police departments, such as the Ottawa Canada Police Service which uses our system to record and centrally manage almost 10,000 recordings per year.

And of course, there's nothing more important than making sure your interview is captured the first time and available when you need it. We've engineered one of the most reliable systems on the market. By pushing the recording to the edge of the network and securely capturing the raw audio and video at the room prior to long-term archival, you can be sure your evidence is safe even under the most challenging circumstances.

Multiple layers of redundancy ensure that your interviews are recorded the FIRST time and available in the future… even in the case of a power outage, network failure, or computer crash

Securely archive interviews from multiple rooms and sites in a central repository

Easily share interviews with other members of your team over a secure network connection or via authenticatable media such as disc or thumb drive

Authenticatable video allows verification that your recordings are unedited, ensuring their admissibility at trial

Easy-to-use interface reduces complexity and training time

Our turnkey solution incudes a complete list of options such as at-the-room recording kiosks, room-in-use lights, and a range of camera and microphones

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