Child Advocacy

Brave children, ready to reveal the circumstances of their abuse, deserve the highest level of care possible. We provide child advocacy professionals with the tools they need to help children and their families and prosecute offenders.

MetaPlatform™, our latest offering, is the first fully integrated evidence and case management suite for the Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT). It combines MetaCase™, a core case management application, with an integrated suite of evidentiary modules. You can utilize a single module or combine multiple modules and manage your entire case from a single platform. This allows your team to store all of your required reporting data, interviews, and forensic images in a single location and securely share them with authorized team members.

MetaInterview - Interview recording module that allows you to securely store, quickly retrieve, and easily distribute compelling forensic interview recordings. Our crystal-clear audio ensures that you capture the key moments of a child's disclosure. And we've engineered one of the most reliable systems on the market so that you can be sure your interviews are safe under the most challenging circumstances.

MetaTrack - Custom forms, analysis, and reporting module which combines with MetaCase™ to provide a complete case management system. MetaTrack™ is incredibly flexible, allowing us to tailor it to the specific needs of your organization. We duplicate your paper forms and reports electronically and then modify them when your needs change. Reports for grant funding and governing organizations that used to take weeks can be generated in seconds... allowing you to spend less time on paperwork and more time helping children.

MetaScope - A secure and easy-to-use solution for forensic medical examinations. It's engineered to be easy to use so the examiner can focus on the patient, not the equipment. MetaScope™ can be used as a stand-alone solution or optionally integrate with MetaCase™, allowing you to import your photos and video clips into your digital case folder.

MetaImage - Forensic image management module that enables your MDT to manage images from multiple systems and devices in a single location. With MetaImage™ you can verify the authenticity of your images, create proof sheets for court, and securely share your images with other team members or for peer review. MetaImage™ allows MDTs to comply with state laws (such as Karly's law in Oregon) that mandate the visual documentation of physical abuse.

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