Law Enforcement

We provide law enforcement agencies with the evidence gathering and case management tools they need to close cases and secure convictions.

We've been serving the needs of law enforcement agencies since launching our legacy interview recording and management system in 2006. Our customers include many major metropolitan Departments such as Atlanta GA, Baltimore MD, Phoenix AZ, Miami FL, Raleigh NC, and the Ottawa Canada Police Service, which uses our system to record and centrally manage almost 10,000 recordings per year. We also work with many large Sheriff's Offices including Orange County FL, Santa Clara County CA, and Douglas County GA.

MetaPlatform™, our latest offering in this field combines MetaCase™, a core case management application, with an integrated suite of evidentiary modules. You can utilize a single module or combine multiple modules and manage your entire case from a single platform.

MetaInterview - Interview recording module that allows you to securely store, quickly retrieve, and easily distribute compelling interview recordings. We've engineered one of the most reliable systems on the market so that you can be sure your evidence is safe under the most challenging circumstances.

MetaImage - Digital image evidence module that enables law enforcement agencies to manage images from multiple systems and devices in a single location. With MetaImage™ you can verify the authenticity of your images, create proof sheets for court, and securely share your images with prosecutors and other investigators.

MetaTrack - Custom forms, analysis, and reporting module which combines with MetaCase™ to provide a complete case management system. MetaTrack™ is incredibly flexible, allowing us to tailor it to the specific needs of your organization. We duplicate your paper forms and reports electronically and then modify them when your needs change. You can import reports and documents from other sources into your electronic case folder; keeping the entire file paperless. We make the capturing and reporting of your case information as quick and easy as possible so you can spend less time on paperwork and more time working your cases.

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