Interview Room Recording and Case Management

The electronic recording of custodial interrogations and investigative interviews is a powerful and efficient law enforcement tool. Coupled with sound policies and procedures, video can protect the rights of defendants while ensuring a factual presentation of evidence, making it a persuasive tool for prosecutors and juries alike - VideOversight is the most advanced offering in this field.

By combining advanced digital video technology with robust case management software, VideOversight delivers a truly powerful video monitoring, recording, archiving, and case management tool for various agencies

Recognizing that our customer needs go beyond case management & interview recording, Microception has been developing a new product called Meta™ that provides all the functionality of VideOversight and much more. For more information on Meta, click here.

Key Features

Authenticated Video

Allows verification that recordings are original and unedited for a stronger chain-of-custody.

Case Management

Store important information with your recordings, including pictures, documents and notes.


Multiple users can watch live, record and play back interviews from their own office.


Share interviews with other authenticated users, or easily provide authentication-enabled CDs or DVDs.

Active Directory

Integrate with LDAP or Active Directory to authenticate users with their standard credentials.

User Management

Manage individual users and groups to fit your organizational structure.


Decide how users access content in a powerful and flexible way, including audit trails.


Designed from the ground up with reliability and redundancy in mind.

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