In the last ten years, VideOversight has become the interview room recording system preferred most by law enforcement and child advocacy centers in North America. Meta is new software developed by Microception designed to better serve the future needs of existing and new customers. Meta was written from the ground up in order to leverage the latest in software, web, and video technologies.

Unlike VideOversight, Meta is an web-based application framework whose modules share common services such as access control, data authentication, security, licensing, syslog, audit trails, notification, backup, internationalization, and other common administrative services. The modules include:

  • MetaCase - Case management that is simple, powerful, and customizable.
  • MetaInterview - Interview room recording that integrates with MetaCase.
  • MetaTrack - Forms management including an easy forms designer, import, export, publishing of surveys, and export or one-click graphical charting of data. One or more forms can be published automatically to case files in MetaCase.
  • MetaImage - Image management for CSI photographers. Images can be selectively published to relevant case files in MetaCase.

Watch, record, manage and share interviews.


Multiple layers of redundancy ensure your recordings are available now and in the future.


Allows verification that recordings are original and unedited for a stronger chain-of-custody.

Multiple Rooms

Recording for as many rooms as you need, whether you have one room or more than fifty.

Multiple Cameras

Watch and record up to three cameras without picture-in-picture obscuring your view.


Bookmark and review important events in both your recordings and live streams.


Restrict the viewing and recording of rooms to the appropriate users or groups.

Case management customized to the way you work.

Custom Fields

Customizable case fields capture the data you need, and nothing you don't.


Configurable validation ensures case numbers match your expected format.

File Management

Easily upload, manage, download and open your related files.

Link and Merge

Quickly link related cases and merge duplicate cases for a cleaner workflow.

Audit Trail

Review the activities and actions of your users who have accessed a case.

External Content

Embed RMS pages or other internal websites for faster access to related information.

Design & publish online forms then report & analyse the results.

Visual Design

See how your forms will look as you create or customize them.


Capture information in the correct format with multiple data and field types.


Visualize your data by generating graphs.


Quickly link related cases and merge duplicate cases for a cleaner workflow.


Limit how many times a user is permitted to complete a form.


Easily export your form design, data and graphs.

Upload and manage forensic photographs.


Quickly locate the images your are searching for with the thumbnail browser.

Multiple Uploads

Transfer faster by uploading multiple images at one time.


Access embedded metadata including EXIF and XMP tags without additional software.


Over a hundred supported image formats eliminates the need for prior conversion.

Proof Sheets

Easily create formatted proof sheets from your images without an external editor.


Every image is stored and verified with a validation key to ensure authenticity.

Shared Features

Single Sign On

No need to remember multiple usernames and passwords for different applications.

User Management

Easy to manage multi-level hierarchy fits your organizational structure.


Decide how users access content in a powerful and flexible way, including audit trails.


Designed from the ground up with reliability and redundancy in mind.

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